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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spring Forward Like a Rabbit

So now we are well into the Year of the Rabbit, according to the Chinese calendar on my kitchen wall. As I look out our window into the backyard, I see the melting snow and funnily enough, old tracks of a wild rabbit in his futile attempt to find food.

I am taking an early break from my job hunting today after attending a webinar about careers in the non-profit sector. I had the sudden urge to bake from scratch and now have two loaves of chocolate banana bread and a fudge marble cake cooling in front of me ....... tempting me!

It's no contest, I take a slice and with a hot cup of tea settle down to gather my thoughts and assess my situation.

Well, I am currently in the state of unemployment after working for the same company for more than 10 years, 10.7 to be exact. Although a small part of me worries about the practical stuff like money and bills to pay, a big part of me is thrilled with this second chance to re-invent myself and find "the" dream job! "Take a vacation first," my friends and family advised. But really, I just came from a long and lovely vacation over the holiday and I am ready to work.

Technology has developed so fast since the last time I seriously went on a job hunt. I have joined so many job search sites and submitted more resumes online without having to snail mail at all. Did you know that as soon as you send one thing out, an automated e-mail comes back thanking you for applying? You can even do an advance search, select the types of jobs you want and get an e-mail alert if any positions are available. Most big companies have their own job sites that you can register with as well.

With all these technological advantages at my fingertips, finding a job should be a breeze, right? But remember that this is a highly competitive world we live in. I learned to be careful and review what I send out before I hit the submit button. It is easier to just copy and paste the same resume over and over but I try not to do this but instead create one that suits the position I am targeting. My cover letters are tailored to each application.

At the same time that I am applying, I am also reading up on the non-profit sector to see if this career path is the right one for me. It definitely appeals to my soft side and my need to do community work. There there is also the call of freelance work and the chance to be more creative and work from home. Like the bunny, I am taking little hops to get ready for the big spring forward.

Whatever I do decide to pursue, you can be certain that I will put a lot of effort and passion into it. Just because that's who I am.