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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Let's Go Make A Fresh Start!

When the New Year comes around, we often think of new beginnings and making New Year's resolutions. However, did you pause to think about whatever happened to the resolutions of the year before? If you are like, you probably forgot what they were already. I think my resolutions in the past years were too vague and all encompassing, like be more helpful, smile more, spend less, eat healthier, etc., but nothing too specific. In the end, nothing got done and I did not accomplish anything at all.

So this year, I will focus on one specific thing. I will de-clutter and reduce build-up of collected things in my house. It may sound easy but this is hard specially if the other people in my house including myself, love to hoard stuff. I like to save things for a rainy day, but when the rain comes, I can't find the stuff! I collected many things that I can't seem to part with because of sentimental reasons. Not anymore, time to cut the cord and clean house! Consider this an early spring cleaning.

Goodbye to the ratty old shirts reserved for sleepwear, I deserve to dream in style! Same thing  goes with the clothes I have been saving for the time  I will lose weight and fit in them again. I will celebrate with new clothes when that happens! Goodbye to the books, magazines and brochures that I saved for my kids assignments. I can't find them when I need it and they print stuff off the Internet anyway! Time to dump gadgets that have not been used in years and probably never will anyway. I will donate or throw away the arts and crafts that I never got around to make. Someone can probably finish them instead of me. No more will I collect tiny objects and cute things that have become dust catchers.

Christmas decor collection grows every year. Time to trim down the collection!

 I know I will be met with some resistance but I will meet this challenge head on! As I work on a cleaning sweep of my house, I hope that getting rid of my material things will open me up to giving more value on the intangibles in life. Instead of collecting material things that take up physical space, I will start a new collection and save them in a spiritual vault. I will start collecting more smiles and laughter from friends and strangers, save up time to give comfort and assistance to others, and increase patience and understanding in times of distress and discomfort. How do I do that? I will spend more quality time with my family and find and join a new volunteer opportunity this year to add to the one I already have.

Well, wish me luck and I hope you find your own resolution that you will find doable and enriching. Happy New Year!