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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Let's Go Celebrate Christmas!

Christmas is coming!

Many children and adults are already doing a countdown to one of the biggest celebrations of the year. This holiday casts its own magic on people. Somehow people seem nicer, happier, more giving and forgiving. We should remember that there is no Christmas without Christ, he is indeed the reason for the season.

In our own household, we are lucky to renew our joy in Christmas through the fresh eyes of a babe. As we introduce our youngest family member to the customs and traditions we have for this holiday season, we can't help but be excited all over again!

The Christmas tree is up and decorated, the presents are getting wrapped and even the baking is in full swing. We can't seem to get enough of Food for the Gods, a favourite holiday sweet! We smile and feel the love sent our way through the Christmas cards and letters in the mail.

However you plan to spend this special occasion, do remember that the spirit of giving is not just expressed by material presents. We can give our time and talents to help others, give cheer to the old and lonely, and make someone happy by remembering them. So go and celebrate, give thanks for all your blessings and keep the real meaning of Christmas alive. Have a Merry and Blessed Christmas!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Let's Go Find Some Passion!

Hah, gotcha there!

Nope, this is not an x-rated article but some rambling thoughts on my journey to finding myself. One would think that having time is all it takes to discover what you really want to do. This year gave me more time to think things over and maybe discover a new career but I must say that I still have not found "it."
I have started on the domestic route, trying to tap my inner housewife skills. I loved to bake and decorate cakes years ago and tried to see if I could get into this again. My first test was decorating a cake using fondant icing. Though it was fun and enjoyable to make, I don't think I will  make a career of it. So cross that off the list!

Being a writer is another thing I thought I was passionate about. I was all fueled-up working on my Info Barrel articles at first. Then I had a brain drain and seems that my efforts haven't reached the $10.00 mark yet. I haven't given up, but it sure sucks that my almost finished book is lost in cyber limbo and I don't know how to get it back. I will revisit this endeavor another time when I am in a better mood to start from scratch!

In the recent years, I had discovered that I did enjoy creating personal home movies. Meeting the technical challenges was satisfying and getting good feedback from friends and family was heartening. I should make a note to self to explore this further and replace a stolen video cam in the process.

At present, I am trying my hand at sewing and surprisingly finding myself fairly good at  it. Is this "the" passion I am looking for? Will this be my new career? It is too soon to tell but it sure is fun going to my lessons and finding something that I am good at. Maybe this is one piece of the puzzle and I have to continue on my journey to find the other pieces.

I did learn that in the journey to find one's passion, you have to take risks: financial, emotional, physical, etc. and really throw yourself into the trying stage. And take everything with a grain of salt. It does hurt to know you are not the greatest at something but at least you know you tried. And get some humour out of it by laughing at yourself. Someone did say that laughter is the best medicine!

My search for passion is still very much alive. Maybe someone can give me a boost or send some suggestions my way. I am willing to give reasonable ideas a try. So what are you waiting for? Maybe you will be the one to help me complete the puzzle!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Let's Go Give Thanks!

Canadian Thanksgiving Day is around the corner and this is the perfect time to take some quiet time and be thankful for all the blessings in our life. When we are busy with all the routines of the day, dealing with problems and stress, we forget that we are still luckier than most.

On a global perspective, let us be thankful if our country is not in the midst of a war or environmental disaster. Go one step further than just praying for victims, do something to help them by donating or volunteering for a worthy cause.

On a national level, be thankful if you live in a country where there is freedom to exercise your rights, where education is available to many and work is possible to find. No country is perfect and there are still many things that need to be improved. Do your part and actively support those who work for the good of the people.

On the homefront, surely there are many more things we can be thankful for. The health of each family member, the food that we eat, the clothes we wear, the friends we have and specially the love that we share with each other. Children can squabble among themselves and realtives can have their little spats but it is important to remember the ties that bind us to one another.

Finally, on a personal level, I know I still have many blessings to be thankful for despite the many challenges the year has brought. I give thanks for my family and the love and understanding they give to me, I give thanks for the time I have to discover myself, I give thanks for the new friends I made and the chance to re-connect with old friends. The chance to laugh and cry and feel and pray.

To You, I give thanks!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Let's Go Down Memory Lane

It's the first day of September and an old Earth,Wind and Fire song is stuck in my head: "Do you remember, memories like September....." I think it's an apt song for what I have been seeing on my Facebook account lately. Friends have been adding me to pages that bring me down many memory lanes, specifically the good old school days.

One of them is from my elementary and high school alma mater, Poveda Learning Centre. From a little pink building in the middle of nowhere, it is now an impressive college in the midst of a bustling city. I remember our distinctly different yellow and white checkered uniform, the giant Tefilin sign marking our site and friends and classmates from those days.

The early Spanish lessons ingrained in me since our kinder and prep days all the way to high school have been of some use on many occasions, though I am not as fluent as I would like to be. I recall the many childhood games and growing up pains with my close group of friends, daring escapades, lessons learned in and out of the classrooms and funny anecdotes. Many alumnae have posted their own personal bits of trivia and memories that have in turn made me laugh and feel nostalgic. Yes indeed, only Povedans would know about Manang Lumeng, I.W., war ball, Marian songfests, and many more.

Another Facebook group page I have been added to is my university alma mater, UP Baguio.  I welcomed the freedom and diversity that college life brought. This school has also grown from a college to a university. There were so many new buildings and things I saw in my recent visit at the old campus that changed but many still remained the same. Here too, many posted their trivia and stories that made up our memories of those times. We shared our common experiences living in the dorm, terror from the teachers and tales of daring and fun. A true UP Baguio student knows Manang Mani, ghost legends, nod in agreement about certain teachers traits and must have attended at least one rally in their lifetime.

But what happens after the trips down these memory lanes? I must admit getting addicted for a few days and spending hours reading and catching up on everyone's posts. And you can't but help adding in your own comments and memories. For another laugh, another worry-free moment, another burst of cheer.

Digging deeper, I realize that these are not just memories. These are the events and institutions that have contributed and helped shaped my life and values. It has not been all fun and laughter but neither was it all pain and discomfort. We learn as we grow and over the years, my thoughts and action have been shaped by my experiences. We put aside the old schoolbooks and games after we finish our schooling. But this does not mean we stop learning. We join the real world, as many say, and carry on with our lives, building careers, homes, reaching for our dreams. Many of the tools we use are part of these memories.

Sometimes it is good to look back at our our past. I believe it is how we use what we learn that makes us who we are. I am proud to be a Povedan and Iskolar ng Bayan.

Honor and Excellence. Con Dios sin limites.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Let's Go Enjoy the Summer!

It's already mid-summer and I must say that we are having a great one this year! The good dousing of rain in the spring made the plants healthy and strong and I have been enjoying my backyard so much more. So much has already happened and we have many more days to get the most of this wonderful season.

Early in June, my hubby and I took on a new DIY project all stemming from the fact that we got a brand new heavy duty super grill. It took up a lot of space in the backyard so we decided to add a few more cement slabs outdoors. What started with adding just 3 slabs grew to 15 slabs, each one weighing about 105 lbs. each! We worked on it a little bit each day. After hauling, digging, levelling, dumping, sodding ...... we did get the project done and now have a wonderful backyard for entertaining and relaxation.

Just in time too, as we enjoyed a wonderful visit and reunion with my side of the family. The open space enhanced the great barbeque meal prepared on the grill. We have had many more meals outdoors with special relatives and friends and hope to continue well into the cold season. But that still seems a distant reality.

On a personal note, I have been learning and getting a sense of fulfillment doing volunteer work. It is a good feeling to give something of oneself and not expect anything in return. It has slowly added to my self-worth and opened up empathy for those who need extra help.

And it certainly has not been all work and chores! We have been finding ways to enjoy the sun and the outdoors. Visits to the many wonderful parks in our area, attending street festivals, swimming and spending quality time together as a family. Not to forget my new hobby, birdwatching and doing my best to capture wonderful summer photos.

So how have you been spending your summer? Take a little time off to share with me and maybe I will get to join you!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Let's Go Enjoy the Long Weekend!

It's the first official long weekend to kick off the warmer weather! In Canada, the May long weekend to celebrate Victoria Day (the Queen's birthday) is enough reason to celebrate.

For most people, it is the time to bring out the grill for barbeque, visit the garden centres and start planting or make the trek to the north and open up the cottage. Whatever you end up doing, let's all keep our fingers crossed for great weather. I know rain makes the grass grow greener and brings flowers but we had more rain this May than sunny days.

I have started planting in my small garden and this year experimented with planting some flowers from seed. It's a lesson in patience since it seems to be taking forever to sprout into little seedlings. Today I just saw the tiniest greens peeping out and didn't imagine I would get excited over that!

Finally, we have a chance to use the new and improved grill. Hubby must be all smiles to play with this new toy all summer long. Grilling season has begun at our home and we look forward to healthier choices like grilled veggies but of course we can't resist the Pinoy inihaw too!

How are you spending your long weekends? Let me know what you plan to do to have fun!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Let's Go Celebrate Mother's Day!

There is a saying that goes, "You will have only repaid your mother your dues once you have become a mother yourself." I guess this is generally true because only when you become a mother do you feel all the physical and emotional pains of being one. Now that I realize how much work and sacrifice a mother gives to bring happiness and comfort to their children, I thank my mom a million times over for all that she has done for me.

Mothers are not after the material gifts from their children. I remember the times at work when my friends and I would show around our children's handmade cards and projects for Mother's Day. We all beamed with pride at our little ones perfect creations. We displayed them like priceless trophies for all to see.

So this Mother's Day, do something special for your mother. If you have no idea what to get her and don't know what she wants, maybe this article on the World's Top 10 Mothers will help. Why not spend the day with her and give the gift of time. If she is across the miles, give her a call and say how much she means to you. Surprise her by doing your chores without being told. Put some music in her mp3 player or phone. Treat her to her favorite coffee shop for dessert. Shower her with flowers. But whatever you do, make sure that you tell her that you love and appreciate her.

Orchids are one of my mom's favorite flowers.
To my Mommy, I love you and wish we could spend the day together! Thank you for being there for me and doing your best to raise me as an honest and caring person. Stay strong and I pray we see each other again soon. Happy Mother's Day!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Let's Go Volunteer!

National Volunteer Week in  Canada was on April 10-16, 2011. However, there were many volunteer events held throughout the whole month. I had been sending many volunteer applications since becoming unemployed, but I didn't get a match up until recently.

My neighborhood mall was hosting a clean up event for Earth Day and I gladly accepted the call. I was happy about this because I believe we should save the environment for ourselves and for future generations. All I had to do was show up that morning and get ready to go outdoors. It was a cold and windy day but luckily the rain didn't come. I had on 5 layers of clothing topped by the brightly-colored volunteer shirt they gave us to wear. It sure was easy to spot us even from a great distance!

After a brief welcome speech from the mall management, all volunteers joined their teams and headed for the outdoor mall area they were assigned to clean. My team of 8 people cleaned up the surrounding area near the grocery store and the highway. Three of them were employees of the mall and the rest of us we re shoppers and students. Armed with our poking sticks, a rake, garbage bags and garbage bin, we picked up trash bit by bit. By the end of the morning, we had gathered approximately 10 bags of garbage!

People do not realize that even the smallest piece of wrapper or cigarette butt they toss aside hurts the environment. The earth is our only home and all of us must do our best to protect it. Picking up trash may not be a glamorous task but somehow we all did our small part to make a difference.

We ended our volunteer work with the outdoor barbecue the mall provided. Despite the cold, it was a good experience and I even made some new friends. We also got some free flower seeds to plant in our own gardens. All volunteers were able to sign a board and make their mark to commemorate the day.  I look forward to doing it again next year! 

Friday, April 8, 2011

Let's Go Do A Good Deed

I tried an experiment this week. One day I decided to see how many random acts of kindness I would witness. I counted 21 good deeds in one day! You can read all about my experience as I travelled from home on the subway.

Sometimes it it easier for us to ignore strangers that we meet or encounter as we go about our daily routine. During our morning commutes, we tend to close our eyes to snatch a few minutes of sleep and fail to see the elderly person needing a seat. Some people just ignore them purposely!

At the grocery, we can get impatient at the cashier who is taking too long to ring up our purchases. Perhaps we fail to observe that she too is tired from standing up the whole day.

Is there anything we can do to make a difference in someone else's life? Sometimes even a smile will help to make someone's day brighter. During this Lenten season, I challenge you to do at least one random act of kindness and see what change you can bring to a stranger's life.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Go With Mo: Let's Go: On a Holiday!

Go With Mo: Let's Go: On a Holiday!: "Rolling into the second quarter of 2011, I can't wait to leave the snow and cold winds behind. The clammy hand of winter is trying it's best..."

Let's Go: On a Holiday!

Rolling into the second quarter of 2011, I can't wait to leave the snow and cold winds behind. The clammy hand of winter is trying it's best to hang on but the cool breaths of spring is helping to unclench its grasp. I'm sure you will echo my sentiment that it's time for a change.

A great way to bring in some change is to go on a holiday. It can be a short weekend trip or maybe the dream vacation you have been planning for is due. Any time away from your normal routine will surely be a welcome break. So drag yourself out of your winter blues and plan your way into your best holiday yet.

There are many types of holidays or breaks you can take. If you still have your March break hangover with your kids, why not take a weekend off alone with your partner? Even an overnight stay at a nearby town can give you both a breather and some quality time together. Who knows, maybe your kids need some time away from their parents too!

Another break you can plan is an all girls (or all guys) get-together. Start your day with some pampering like a visit to the parlor for a manicure and pedicure. Or a long brunch at your favorite restaurant is a good time to relax and catch up on news. Then spend the night together at someone's home for a grownup sleepover.  It would be nice to re-connect with your peers and maybe watch a movie together. For the men, maybe watching a sports event would allow them to yell out their pent-up winter blahs.

Family time with your own parents and siblings can also be a good idea. Invite them over for a visit or attend a gardening show with them. Spend some time at a garden center to help them plan this year's garden. Accompany your parents to their social or community events or just spend quiet time together reminiscing about your past family vacations.

If you enjoy group activities with your family friends, call them for a quick powwow and start planning your annual camping or fishing trip. It is also a good time to check out your equipment to see if it needs replacement or additional supplies. Now you will know what to keep an eye out for when the spring sales come around.

For the longer haul trips, check online for the trending destinations or visit your local travel agent for brochures about your dream vacation. Some people love a place so much they go back each year while some are more adventurous and try a new destination everytime. But whatever you decide, it is always good to be prepared and make your list

So dust up your luggage, pack away the winter wear and get ready for your best holidays ever!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Let's Go: Parenting a Special Child

How does it feel to be the parent of a special child? Children come into their parents' lives as blessings. It doesn't matter whether they are normal, healthy kids or children with a disability. They all bring smiles, feelings of joy and happiness, contentment and even bring out the inner child in us. Our instincts move us to protect them and keep them safe from harm.

So when we discover that our child is suffering from an impairment or a disease, our world shatters and seem to fall apart. However, there is a time for grief and a time for action. It may be difficult but we must pull ourselves together and be our child's voice.

As in any battle, one must learn as much as you can about the opponent. Thus, parents must empower themselves with information. Read about it, question those who know about it, and discuss with those with similar experiences. Find a support group. There is always strength in numbers. Finally, be your child's advocate. No matter how many people offer you their opinion, in the end, it is you who must make the final decision. And this is guided by your goal to provide the best possible support for your handicapped child.

You can read more on this topic by visiting:

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Go With Mo: Let's Go: to the Office Kitchen

Go With Mo: Let's Go: to the Office Kitchen: "For the working bunch, most of the day is spent commuting and at work. The workplace is like a second home to most. Thus, when meal tim..."

Let's Go: to the Office Kitchen

For the working bunch, most of the day is spent commuting and at work. The workplace is like a second home to most. Thus, when meal time comes, enjoying a meal in a clean kitchen  is much appreciated. But when you encounter dirty dishes, a smelly microwave and crumbs on the countertop, sometimes it can be frustrating. More so if you discover that your lunch or favorite snack is  missing!

So for the many victims of a kitchen bandit, I offer you a list of Top 10 Kitchen Rules in the Office. I hope you catch your culprits!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Let's Go: March Break

It is the weekend and March Break 2011 has begun. Although we are not joining the exodus to warmer climates, we hope that we can still have fun in our own backyard.

Check out my suggestions to have fun with teenagers in my latest article.:

Have fun everyone and stay safe!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Let's Go Creative Writing

If you are one of my Facebook friends, you already received my posts directing you to my published articles in Info Barrel. And if you did indulge me and read it, thank you very much!

Yes, I am testing the waters of freelance writing for two reasons. First, to brush up and practice my writing skills and secondly, to find out if it will be a profitable passive online income.

I had researched about online freelance work and there is a lot of options out there which are not limited to writing. There are sites where you advertise your skills and get matched up with employers seeking what you offer. There are also the too-good-to-be true offers to work from home and make tons of money. It is hard to tell which are the scams and which are not.

But what appealed to me was the simplicity of Info Barrel. You can write on almost anything under the sun, (including the sun!) submit it to them and if approved, it gets published on their site. Further to this, there is a possibility of making money if you sign up with their suggested ad serving applications. So far, I have only been a member for about 2 weeks and have no significant income to report.

I am new to what they call passive online income and have much more to learn on how to make this profitable. I am still diligently looking for a full-time day job. But I must admit that the writing part has already given me fulfillment. It is fun to write about my daily life and share it with others. And when I receive back comments that my readers enjoyed it, it gives a sense of satisfaction. So than you all for inspiring me to write!

If you want to read my articles again, here are the links:

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spring Forward Like a Rabbit

So now we are well into the Year of the Rabbit, according to the Chinese calendar on my kitchen wall. As I look out our window into the backyard, I see the melting snow and funnily enough, old tracks of a wild rabbit in his futile attempt to find food.

I am taking an early break from my job hunting today after attending a webinar about careers in the non-profit sector. I had the sudden urge to bake from scratch and now have two loaves of chocolate banana bread and a fudge marble cake cooling in front of me ....... tempting me!

It's no contest, I take a slice and with a hot cup of tea settle down to gather my thoughts and assess my situation.

Well, I am currently in the state of unemployment after working for the same company for more than 10 years, 10.7 to be exact. Although a small part of me worries about the practical stuff like money and bills to pay, a big part of me is thrilled with this second chance to re-invent myself and find "the" dream job! "Take a vacation first," my friends and family advised. But really, I just came from a long and lovely vacation over the holiday and I am ready to work.

Technology has developed so fast since the last time I seriously went on a job hunt. I have joined so many job search sites and submitted more resumes online without having to snail mail at all. Did you know that as soon as you send one thing out, an automated e-mail comes back thanking you for applying? You can even do an advance search, select the types of jobs you want and get an e-mail alert if any positions are available. Most big companies have their own job sites that you can register with as well.

With all these technological advantages at my fingertips, finding a job should be a breeze, right? But remember that this is a highly competitive world we live in. I learned to be careful and review what I send out before I hit the submit button. It is easier to just copy and paste the same resume over and over but I try not to do this but instead create one that suits the position I am targeting. My cover letters are tailored to each application.

At the same time that I am applying, I am also reading up on the non-profit sector to see if this career path is the right one for me. It definitely appeals to my soft side and my need to do community work. There there is also the call of freelance work and the chance to be more creative and work from home. Like the bunny, I am taking little hops to get ready for the big spring forward.

Whatever I do decide to pursue, you can be certain that I will put a lot of effort and passion into it. Just because that's who I am.