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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Let's Go Down Memory Lane

It's the first day of September and an old Earth,Wind and Fire song is stuck in my head: "Do you remember, memories like September....." I think it's an apt song for what I have been seeing on my Facebook account lately. Friends have been adding me to pages that bring me down many memory lanes, specifically the good old school days.

One of them is from my elementary and high school alma mater, Poveda Learning Centre. From a little pink building in the middle of nowhere, it is now an impressive college in the midst of a bustling city. I remember our distinctly different yellow and white checkered uniform, the giant Tefilin sign marking our site and friends and classmates from those days.

The early Spanish lessons ingrained in me since our kinder and prep days all the way to high school have been of some use on many occasions, though I am not as fluent as I would like to be. I recall the many childhood games and growing up pains with my close group of friends, daring escapades, lessons learned in and out of the classrooms and funny anecdotes. Many alumnae have posted their own personal bits of trivia and memories that have in turn made me laugh and feel nostalgic. Yes indeed, only Povedans would know about Manang Lumeng, I.W., war ball, Marian songfests, and many more.

Another Facebook group page I have been added to is my university alma mater, UP Baguio.  I welcomed the freedom and diversity that college life brought. This school has also grown from a college to a university. There were so many new buildings and things I saw in my recent visit at the old campus that changed but many still remained the same. Here too, many posted their trivia and stories that made up our memories of those times. We shared our common experiences living in the dorm, terror from the teachers and tales of daring and fun. A true UP Baguio student knows Manang Mani, ghost legends, nod in agreement about certain teachers traits and must have attended at least one rally in their lifetime.

But what happens after the trips down these memory lanes? I must admit getting addicted for a few days and spending hours reading and catching up on everyone's posts. And you can't but help adding in your own comments and memories. For another laugh, another worry-free moment, another burst of cheer.

Digging deeper, I realize that these are not just memories. These are the events and institutions that have contributed and helped shaped my life and values. It has not been all fun and laughter but neither was it all pain and discomfort. We learn as we grow and over the years, my thoughts and action have been shaped by my experiences. We put aside the old schoolbooks and games after we finish our schooling. But this does not mean we stop learning. We join the real world, as many say, and carry on with our lives, building careers, homes, reaching for our dreams. Many of the tools we use are part of these memories.

Sometimes it is good to look back at our our past. I believe it is how we use what we learn that makes us who we are. I am proud to be a Povedan and Iskolar ng Bayan.

Honor and Excellence. Con Dios sin limites.