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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Let's Go Find Some Passion!

Hah, gotcha there!

Nope, this is not an x-rated article but some rambling thoughts on my journey to finding myself. One would think that having time is all it takes to discover what you really want to do. This year gave me more time to think things over and maybe discover a new career but I must say that I still have not found "it."
I have started on the domestic route, trying to tap my inner housewife skills. I loved to bake and decorate cakes years ago and tried to see if I could get into this again. My first test was decorating a cake using fondant icing. Though it was fun and enjoyable to make, I don't think I will  make a career of it. So cross that off the list!

Being a writer is another thing I thought I was passionate about. I was all fueled-up working on my Info Barrel articles at first. Then I had a brain drain and seems that my efforts haven't reached the $10.00 mark yet. I haven't given up, but it sure sucks that my almost finished book is lost in cyber limbo and I don't know how to get it back. I will revisit this endeavor another time when I am in a better mood to start from scratch!

In the recent years, I had discovered that I did enjoy creating personal home movies. Meeting the technical challenges was satisfying and getting good feedback from friends and family was heartening. I should make a note to self to explore this further and replace a stolen video cam in the process.

At present, I am trying my hand at sewing and surprisingly finding myself fairly good at  it. Is this "the" passion I am looking for? Will this be my new career? It is too soon to tell but it sure is fun going to my lessons and finding something that I am good at. Maybe this is one piece of the puzzle and I have to continue on my journey to find the other pieces.

I did learn that in the journey to find one's passion, you have to take risks: financial, emotional, physical, etc. and really throw yourself into the trying stage. And take everything with a grain of salt. It does hurt to know you are not the greatest at something but at least you know you tried. And get some humour out of it by laughing at yourself. Someone did say that laughter is the best medicine!

My search for passion is still very much alive. Maybe someone can give me a boost or send some suggestions my way. I am willing to give reasonable ideas a try. So what are you waiting for? Maybe you will be the one to help me complete the puzzle!