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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Go With Mo: Let's Go: On a Holiday!

Go With Mo: Let's Go: On a Holiday!: "Rolling into the second quarter of 2011, I can't wait to leave the snow and cold winds behind. The clammy hand of winter is trying it's best..."

Let's Go: On a Holiday!

Rolling into the second quarter of 2011, I can't wait to leave the snow and cold winds behind. The clammy hand of winter is trying it's best to hang on but the cool breaths of spring is helping to unclench its grasp. I'm sure you will echo my sentiment that it's time for a change.

A great way to bring in some change is to go on a holiday. It can be a short weekend trip or maybe the dream vacation you have been planning for is due. Any time away from your normal routine will surely be a welcome break. So drag yourself out of your winter blues and plan your way into your best holiday yet.

There are many types of holidays or breaks you can take. If you still have your March break hangover with your kids, why not take a weekend off alone with your partner? Even an overnight stay at a nearby town can give you both a breather and some quality time together. Who knows, maybe your kids need some time away from their parents too!

Another break you can plan is an all girls (or all guys) get-together. Start your day with some pampering like a visit to the parlor for a manicure and pedicure. Or a long brunch at your favorite restaurant is a good time to relax and catch up on news. Then spend the night together at someone's home for a grownup sleepover.  It would be nice to re-connect with your peers and maybe watch a movie together. For the men, maybe watching a sports event would allow them to yell out their pent-up winter blahs.

Family time with your own parents and siblings can also be a good idea. Invite them over for a visit or attend a gardening show with them. Spend some time at a garden center to help them plan this year's garden. Accompany your parents to their social or community events or just spend quiet time together reminiscing about your past family vacations.

If you enjoy group activities with your family friends, call them for a quick powwow and start planning your annual camping or fishing trip. It is also a good time to check out your equipment to see if it needs replacement or additional supplies. Now you will know what to keep an eye out for when the spring sales come around.

For the longer haul trips, check online for the trending destinations or visit your local travel agent for brochures about your dream vacation. Some people love a place so much they go back each year while some are more adventurous and try a new destination everytime. But whatever you decide, it is always good to be prepared and make your list

So dust up your luggage, pack away the winter wear and get ready for your best holidays ever!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Let's Go: Parenting a Special Child

How does it feel to be the parent of a special child? Children come into their parents' lives as blessings. It doesn't matter whether they are normal, healthy kids or children with a disability. They all bring smiles, feelings of joy and happiness, contentment and even bring out the inner child in us. Our instincts move us to protect them and keep them safe from harm.

So when we discover that our child is suffering from an impairment or a disease, our world shatters and seem to fall apart. However, there is a time for grief and a time for action. It may be difficult but we must pull ourselves together and be our child's voice.

As in any battle, one must learn as much as you can about the opponent. Thus, parents must empower themselves with information. Read about it, question those who know about it, and discuss with those with similar experiences. Find a support group. There is always strength in numbers. Finally, be your child's advocate. No matter how many people offer you their opinion, in the end, it is you who must make the final decision. And this is guided by your goal to provide the best possible support for your handicapped child.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Go With Mo: Let's Go: to the Office Kitchen

Go With Mo: Let's Go: to the Office Kitchen: "For the working bunch, most of the day is spent commuting and at work. The workplace is like a second home to most. Thus, when meal tim..."

Let's Go: to the Office Kitchen

For the working bunch, most of the day is spent commuting and at work. The workplace is like a second home to most. Thus, when meal time comes, enjoying a meal in a clean kitchen  is much appreciated. But when you encounter dirty dishes, a smelly microwave and crumbs on the countertop, sometimes it can be frustrating. More so if you discover that your lunch or favorite snack is  missing!

So for the many victims of a kitchen bandit, I offer you a list of Top 10 Kitchen Rules in the Office. I hope you catch your culprits!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Let's Go: March Break

It is the weekend and March Break 2011 has begun. Although we are not joining the exodus to warmer climates, we hope that we can still have fun in our own backyard.

Check out my suggestions to have fun with teenagers in my latest article.:

Have fun everyone and stay safe!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Let's Go Creative Writing

If you are one of my Facebook friends, you already received my posts directing you to my published articles in Info Barrel. And if you did indulge me and read it, thank you very much!

Yes, I am testing the waters of freelance writing for two reasons. First, to brush up and practice my writing skills and secondly, to find out if it will be a profitable passive online income.

I had researched about online freelance work and there is a lot of options out there which are not limited to writing. There are sites where you advertise your skills and get matched up with employers seeking what you offer. There are also the too-good-to-be true offers to work from home and make tons of money. It is hard to tell which are the scams and which are not.

But what appealed to me was the simplicity of Info Barrel. You can write on almost anything under the sun, (including the sun!) submit it to them and if approved, it gets published on their site. Further to this, there is a possibility of making money if you sign up with their suggested ad serving applications. So far, I have only been a member for about 2 weeks and have no significant income to report.

I am new to what they call passive online income and have much more to learn on how to make this profitable. I am still diligently looking for a full-time day job. But I must admit that the writing part has already given me fulfillment. It is fun to write about my daily life and share it with others. And when I receive back comments that my readers enjoyed it, it gives a sense of satisfaction. So than you all for inspiring me to write!

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