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Friday, August 5, 2011

Let's Go Enjoy the Summer!

It's already mid-summer and I must say that we are having a great one this year! The good dousing of rain in the spring made the plants healthy and strong and I have been enjoying my backyard so much more. So much has already happened and we have many more days to get the most of this wonderful season.

Early in June, my hubby and I took on a new DIY project all stemming from the fact that we got a brand new heavy duty super grill. It took up a lot of space in the backyard so we decided to add a few more cement slabs outdoors. What started with adding just 3 slabs grew to 15 slabs, each one weighing about 105 lbs. each! We worked on it a little bit each day. After hauling, digging, levelling, dumping, sodding ...... we did get the project done and now have a wonderful backyard for entertaining and relaxation.

Just in time too, as we enjoyed a wonderful visit and reunion with my side of the family. The open space enhanced the great barbeque meal prepared on the grill. We have had many more meals outdoors with special relatives and friends and hope to continue well into the cold season. But that still seems a distant reality.

On a personal note, I have been learning and getting a sense of fulfillment doing volunteer work. It is a good feeling to give something of oneself and not expect anything in return. It has slowly added to my self-worth and opened up empathy for those who need extra help.

And it certainly has not been all work and chores! We have been finding ways to enjoy the sun and the outdoors. Visits to the many wonderful parks in our area, attending street festivals, swimming and spending quality time together as a family. Not to forget my new hobby, birdwatching and doing my best to capture wonderful summer photos.

So how have you been spending your summer? Take a little time off to share with me and maybe I will get to join you!