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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Let's Go Creative Writing

If you are one of my Facebook friends, you already received my posts directing you to my published articles in Info Barrel. And if you did indulge me and read it, thank you very much!

Yes, I am testing the waters of freelance writing for two reasons. First, to brush up and practice my writing skills and secondly, to find out if it will be a profitable passive online income.

I had researched about online freelance work and there is a lot of options out there which are not limited to writing. There are sites where you advertise your skills and get matched up with employers seeking what you offer. There are also the too-good-to-be true offers to work from home and make tons of money. It is hard to tell which are the scams and which are not.

But what appealed to me was the simplicity of Info Barrel. You can write on almost anything under the sun, (including the sun!) submit it to them and if approved, it gets published on their site. Further to this, there is a possibility of making money if you sign up with their suggested ad serving applications. So far, I have only been a member for about 2 weeks and have no significant income to report.

I am new to what they call passive online income and have much more to learn on how to make this profitable. I am still diligently looking for a full-time day job. But I must admit that the writing part has already given me fulfillment. It is fun to write about my daily life and share it with others. And when I receive back comments that my readers enjoyed it, it gives a sense of satisfaction. So than you all for inspiring me to write!

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