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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Let's Go --- Walking on the Bright Side

Can you believe it's been nearly three years since I began blogging about my attempts of walking to work from my TTC subway stop? I wish I could share a success story, complete with the before and after photos of a new slim and trim me. Sorry to disappoint, but that's not how it rolled.

Instead life happened and with that the opportunity to walk was replaced by the need to get to work sooner. But the good news is I have started walking again, trying a new route so here are some new insights and observations.

The new route brings me out on Bloor Street and the first things I see are the condos being built everywhere. Looking up there is The One. Look down and I get to experience the pedestrian scramble when prompted by the words "walk sign is on for all crossings."

Pedestrian scramble!              

This might be The One!

As I cross over to my chosen sidewalk, I turn up the music in my ears. Music selection is determined by my mood, but mostly jazz, 80's, disco, rock and pop. My trek brings me close to higher end stores that try to entice me with their latest fashion. The early birds distract me from my day dreaming. On some days, I cross over to St. Basil's Catholic Parish for a quick prayer or two!                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
My sacred space of meditation.
Rock doves doing their own walk.
More pictures and observations next time. And this is my third week walking, life is good!

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