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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Let's Pokemon Go!

Truly tickled pink that Pokémon Go, the free to play mobile app has a name that totally fits my blog theme Go!
This giant rock is a PokéStop! 
So of course I have to share my exploit playing this craze that has taken over the world with a blink of an eye. It's got me walking to work more and using words and terms like "evolve," "XP," and "Gotcha!" more often.

"The Three Graces Fountain" by Gerald Gladstone

My history with Pokémon ? Flashback to when my kids were little girls watching the Pokémon cartoons on tv ---  it had me wishing I had my own Mr. Mime to help me do housework just like the mom of Ash Ketchum! And of course the Pokémon card collection as well as Pikachu merchandise from t-shirts, caps, movies to plushies that said "Pika Pika, Pikachu!" 10 million different ways!

Now Pokémon Go has given us an opportunity to experience this reality game as a family. The kids are grown up now and it's their turn to teach us tricks on how to play and catch those Pokémon! I have heard some of my friends find it easier to get their kids to come along for a car ride or a walk because it will bring them to PokéStops. 

Metal sculpture at the Toronto Botanical Gardens

 The PokéStops are a joy to find, just like a scavenger hunt. One tries to find them to collect more Pokéballs and items. If you take the time to appreciate where it is, you discover they are actual spots where you discover art work or landmarks in malls, parks, churches and many more places. You can walk, bike or even drive to these spots and get the chance to catch a new creature.

Gothic stone archway on Yonge & College
Currently I am a Level 14 with about 50 types of Pokémon registered in my Pokédex. My advise to those playing the game  --- get your butts off the couch, walk your way to health and discover people and places all around you.Give it a try, those adorable Pokémon creatures will get you hooked. See you in the next PokéStop ---- Gotcha!

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