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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Let's Go Enjoy the Long Weekend!

It's the first official long weekend to kick off the warmer weather! In Canada, the May long weekend to celebrate Victoria Day (the Queen's birthday) is enough reason to celebrate.

For most people, it is the time to bring out the grill for barbeque, visit the garden centres and start planting or make the trek to the north and open up the cottage. Whatever you end up doing, let's all keep our fingers crossed for great weather. I know rain makes the grass grow greener and brings flowers but we had more rain this May than sunny days.

I have started planting in my small garden and this year experimented with planting some flowers from seed. It's a lesson in patience since it seems to be taking forever to sprout into little seedlings. Today I just saw the tiniest greens peeping out and didn't imagine I would get excited over that!

Finally, we have a chance to use the new and improved grill. Hubby must be all smiles to play with this new toy all summer long. Grilling season has begun at our home and we look forward to healthier choices like grilled veggies but of course we can't resist the Pinoy inihaw too!

How are you spending your long weekends? Let me know what you plan to do to have fun!

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tipslifeandtravels said...

Growing your own fruit and vegetables is worth the effort. There is nothing better than going outside and picking them fresh from your own garden.

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