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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Let's Go - Keep On Walking!

 Here is Week 2 of what is becoming my walking journal. For the newcomers to my blog, I began last week to walk from work to a major subway stop mainly for exercise and reduce frustration in trying to get on a TTC subway train during rush hour. 

My nearest subway stop from work is College, 2 stops away from the major intersecting stop, Yonge/Bloor. Waiting to get on a train at College can take from 15-25 minutes during rush hour. Five fully packed trains can pass you by before you get on one that you can barely squeeze into! Normally, I hold my breath to avoid unpleasant smells prevalent when in very close proximity to strangers. Add a quick wish that there will be no subway delays!

I must say, walking to the same stop (Yonge/Bloor) has more benefits right now than taking the train. I get to enjoy the outdoors, get some exercise, get time to un-clutter my mind and observe my surroundings. I never realized my daily posting on Facebook would also give enjoyment to others who read them. So, I will collate my weekly FB posts into a weekly blog. Here we go! 

Walking towards Yonge/Bloor - destination Bay building where the subway stop is located.

 Week 2, Day 1 - Had nice cool weather for walking, finally! Unusual sighting today: young girl chatting and sitting on the sidewalk with a homeless man. Discussing thoughts on life? Weird sighting: woman sporting a fake mustache and trying to look nonchalant about it. Completed walk in 17 minutes, yay!

Week 2, Day 2 - Not a lot of interesting things to see today during my walk. Did see one woman awkwardly trying to walk home with a 40" Bravia TV by herself. Good luck with that! Tried on my new Brooks moisture wick t-shirt. Helped to keep me feeling cool a bit as the material is light and thin but it's just a plainly styled shirt. Today's time: 18 minutes.

Week 2, Day 3 - Started out a bit later than usual to finish something at work. Walked in my work clothes but wore my runners. The weather was a tad chilly Noticed the "Because I Am A Girl" volunteers were all over the street again. Suddenly came across a group of guys dressed up as Captain America and some other Avengers. Need more muscles to fill out the costumes though. But I prefer them to adults who wear shorts with pockets longer than their shorts or wear pants that are falling to the ground. Where are the fashion police? Forgot to check my walking time! Must be between 18 - 20 minutes.

Week 2, Day 4 - First of all, I want to send a big shout out to all those taking time to read, like, comment and encourage me on my mini project --- THANK YOU!!! I will continue on my walks and news snippets and let's see if anything fruitful comes from this. It must be a week for costumes, I saw a guy dressed up in a Brazilian flag, sporting a feather mohawk on his head (had Brazil written on one side and some player's name on the other, Falcao? not sure). Today's outfit:cotton tank top and shorts. Weather: cool & breezy. Walking time: 19 minutes.

So far, it takes me from 17 - 20 minutes to get here. In those doors then down to the subway.
 Week 2, Day 5 - Shook things up a bit and decided to walk in the morning and reversed route from Yonge/Bloor to Gerrard. Good to see the same thing from another perspective. Sidewalk had less trash, less people traffic, couple of joggers, same homeless old guy in his corner. Spotted some job postings in a food place and in a store selling "girlie" stuff, anyone up for those? Weather: cool air, not muggy. Outfit: MPG shirt and yoga pants. Shirt was soft on skin and moisture absorbing. (Forgot to add, Walking time: 17 minutes)
(Delayed post due to Friday night frolics, another type of 'lakad' (walk) but that's another story!) Until next week ....... peace!

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